Hi All,

I wanted to quickly share where we are at with all things pandemic related, and what we have on offer after the winter break. One of the surprises of the fall has been the sudden popularity of our in-person pods. These are groups of 4-6 kids, set up by parents, usually in their backyards but also public parks. We provide a teacher and help with recruiting additional kids from the area if necessary. Everyone wears a mask and stays socially distant. We now have 9 pods operating all around the greater Los Angeles area- kids, parents and our teachers love the in-person element, and as we transition slowly to normal life, small in-person pods is a great way for kids to experience group activity again. If you’re interested in starting or participating in our in-person pods email Julie.

We are aware school districts are trying to go back with a hybrid model in January, and we will keep tabs on how this develops. We do feel that the pandemic is not at its peak for this third surge and January, February might be too soon. But with a very effective vaccine in the works, and new government policies, we could be looking at April-June as possible full return dates. 
So we will continue online in January with our popular Acts 1,2,3 private programs. Act 3- for our oldest category will have an in-person performance element where students arrive and we film and costume them in small groups (of course we would continue an online option for students not able to go in-person.) 
We’re also offering enrichment classes designed to strengthen skills, such as Singing Classes.

So keep an eye on new registration information and keep telling us what you’re looking for with Upstage. We will get to the other side of this.

Take Care,