I can’t thank you enough for all that you do and wanted to let you know how amazing your team is based on yesterday’s events. I got a call mid-day that my daughter got her part (one of the 3 little pigs) and was crying. She is 8 and this is her first show and although she was reaching for a lead I knew that wasn’t going to happen but I didn’t want to squash her enthusiasm. It could have been a horrible day for her and a horrible evening for me trying to console her, but instead you guys saw her sadness and made her feel special by recognizing her dancing experience which turned things around completely before she even left the building. She was very excited last night and talked about how the choreographer was going to do some ‘cool stuff with her’ to make the show more fun and that she was looking forward because she got a ‘funny part’ and she could be funny. I am truly speechless. I was a huge fan of Upstage before but am now an even bigger fan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Lisa


There are no words to thank you adequately for the joy and confidence you all gave to Maya. Thank you for believing in her and encouraging her to reach and try beyond anything she had ever dared before.

– Mary Chambers


In the past four years, I’ve been to about five different performing arts schools, and not one has made me want to come back as soon as I can!!! At Upstage, everyone becomes a family, and I never felt uncomfortable around anyone. Upstage has taught me a lot, and given me fantastic memories!!!

– Victoria Van Fleet


My son had a fantastic time at the upstage summer camp…he has not stopped singing since and has a new confidence in performing in front of people.

– Linda Good-Hart


My daughter, Rachel, has attended Upstage for 5 consecutive years. In addition to learning the skills of acting, singing, and dancing, Upstage has helped her gain self-confidence and leadership skills. She has found the teachers to be wonderfully supportive and knowledgeable.

– Amy Marcus-Newhall


The Upstage teachers are professionals who aren’t just there to showcase the most talented of children but are there to teach valuable skills to each child. And the students have FUN!

– Tracy Mason


Upstage has been a wonderful fun place for my kids confidence to grow. Not only confidence on stage but in life. They have gone from a little shy, to receiving the highest marks in oral presentation with little effort. These are indeed skills for life.

– Melinda Seller


Our daughter loves Upstage so much we have to schedule our summer vacations around the camp schedule!

– Kristin Maschka


Upstage is just wonderful. The kids have fun, learn a lot and gain incredible confidence as they realize what they can accomplish in just a couple of weeks. Our family can’t wait until this summer!

– Linda M. Burrow