What Exactly are Upstage Pods?


Upstage Pods are specialized creative sessions for four to six kids and take place in the backyard of one of the families participating or in a local park as permitted. For example, a pod of six students could one time per week (or more) for an hour and a half. They may chose a show theme of a favorite musical or movie –  we can create a showcase based on … Read More →

Teaching the Upstage in-person pods!

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Written by Katie Bottomley Teaching the Upstage in-person pods has reminded me of the joy I get when I see children explore their creativity and shine. Not only are they working towards a showcase, but we play games and learn throughout the entire process. They are eager to create and explore their own ideas involving musical theatre. It’s always been important to me as a voice coach to ensure that … Read More →

What’s next for Upstage?

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Hi All, I wanted to quickly share where we are at with all things pandemic related, and what we have on offer after the winter break. One of the surprises of the fall has been the sudden popularity of our in-person pods. These are groups of 4-6 kids, set up by parents, usually in their backyards but also public parks. We provide a teacher and help with recruiting additional kids from … Read More →

Breaking Perfection


Breaking Perfection Written by Taylor Sherry I was teaching an Upstage class a few weeks ago (on Zoom of course), and I asked the class to identify one success they had in the run through, and one thing they could improve for next time. One of my students, who is an undeniably talented performer, raised their hand and stated with such a discouraging tone, “There was nothing I did well … Read More →

Important updates about fall programs!!! 🎭

Dear Upstage Families, After hearing from a lot of you parents about the complex and stressful beginning to the school year we have decided to push the start dates of (almost*) all of our programs to September 12th and after.  So here is the new schedule (if you have registered for one of these classes you will also receive a separate email with this information): Premiere Programs: Act 1: Frozen will begin on … Read More →

Heading Into Week 3 of Summer Camp!


Written by Adrian Cohen  Hello everyone ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Hamilton’ just kicked off at 9am and 9:30am this morning respectively. And, in case you’re one of the few people still left who don’t know, a full performance from the original cast is also being shown on Disney+ in the middle of that camp – Friday, July 3rd. Yes, we planned it that way! We have a very strong … Read More →

The Theatre Crisis Now Unfolding

Written by Adrian Cohen As Upstage Online camp got underway this week, the economic bad news sweeping the world continued, and it is clear that one sector of the economy which is close to home for our community, is on its knees. Theatres all around the U.S. are facing closure because as we tentatively get back to a new normal, those sectors requiring large numbers of people to congregate will … Read More →

Online summer camps have begun!


Written by Adrian Cohen What could possibly go wrong? These were my parting words of our final pre-camp meeting this past Sunday. We are now in our second day of summer theatre with Upstage Online camps and I have to say, I’m incredibly proud of the way the teachers and admin staff have dived into this whole new format with courage and enthusiasm. I saw in our pre-camp meetings how focused … Read More →

Theatre Camp Online or Back to Normal?

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Written by Adrian Cohen Just like everyone else we have been discussing the possibility of going back to “bricks and mortar” programs or staying online for summer theatre camps.  It’s a topic everyone who runs or attends summer camps has been grappling with. And because we’ve reached a “half-way house” situation, where our country is now opening up but we still know so little about the coronavirus; where deaths are … Read More →

Upstage Summer Camp 2020


Dear Upstage Parents- After much consideration we have decided that the safest course of action for this summer is to postpone our traditional in person Summer Camps 2020 to Summer 2021. We are excited, however, to tell you about the new live online offerings (taught by all of their favorite teachers) that we have created to fill your kid’s summer.  SUMMER CAMP 2020 Our 5 – 9 year old kids will have the opportunity to … Read More →