Written by Adrian Cohen

We are having so much fun this summer as we continue all of our themed online theatre programs. I’ve just had a sneak preview of our second junior High School Musical Camp performance video put together by Upstage parent and professional filmmaker Nate Noggle, and Wow!  We’re very excited by the level of production value coming from Nate’s first effort and we’ll be announcing our screen telecast times for campers and their families to sit and enjoy – a wonderful change from Netflix!

Julie and I are also putting together our Fall online schedules. The school shows we normally produce will be all safe, online as we meet now with all our school contractors. 
We’re also offering a premiere private program for performers who are serious in their interest in performing arts. The age groups are different and we’re introducing a young 4yrs – 5yrs group known as “Act 1”. We want the teaching and training to be more sensitive to the needs of a particular age group. More to follow! Stay safe.