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Parents Love Upstage Theatre Programs


Written by Westside Mommy (Ruby Hunt)

Students Return to Upstage

When most students take their first session at Upstage Theatre, whether it’s during the school year or summer session, it’s usually not their last. Many children, whether they were encouraged by a parent, classmate, or by their own will, enjoy it more than they ever thought they would.

“My daughter, Rachel, has attended Upstage for five consecutive years. In addition to learning the skills of acting, singing, and dancing, Upstage has helped her gain self-confidence and leadership skills.”

– Amy Marcus-Newhall

The Upstage Experience

Leading roles in productions are usually split to give kids equal opportunities to shine. This gives them an understanding and importance of group participation, and encourages them to support one another. Younger children receive age and skill appropriate roles and everyone takes ownership and pride in their character.

Shana Lutsky, mom of an Upstage student says, “Upstage has been truly wonderful for Jonah. It is such a sweet company and the shows are age appropriate, adorable and impressive (particularly given the time constraints they have and age ranges of children- some who are so young they can’t yet read but they still flourish). It is super supportive and highly organized.”

An Experienced Staff

Upstage is run under the management team of Artistic Director and Founder Adrian Cohen and Managing Director Julie Bank. Each and every one of the team members provides an integral role in the success of every class, rehearsal, and production.

“I like the pep and energy that the directors, choreographers, and production managers bring to rehearsal. They energize the kids and create a fun atmosphere of learning.”

– Sarah Gorrell

A Professional Feel

Among other schools and venues – rehearsals for year round programs summer camp take place at various locations throughout Los Angeles:

  • Summer Camp South Pasadena takes place at The Woman’s Club of South Pasadena
  • Rehearsals and Summer productions on the Westside are at The Pico, newly renovated and formerly known as The Pico Playhouse in West L.A.

Summer Camp in The Oak Park/Agoura neighborhood is at The Conejo Valley Lodge

Building Confidence

Parents see a big difference in their kids’ confidence while at Upstage.

“Upstage has been a true blessing for Jonah. Never have we seen him as excited and invested in anything that requires as much hard work and perseverance. It has given him mounds of self confidence that he lacks in other ways. The parts of Jonah’s charisma shine brightly  at Upstage.”

– Shana Lutsky

“I believe the sessions made our child more confident and self-aware and has helped her to hone her stage presence.”

– Sarah Gorrell

“Upstage has been a wonderful, fun place for my kid’s confidence to grow…not only confidence on stage, but in life. They have gone from a little shy to receiving the highest marks in oral presentation with little effort. These are indeed skills for life”

– Melinda Seller

“My son had a fantastic time at Upstage summer camp…he has not stopped singing since and has a confidence in performing in front of people.” – Linda Good-Hart

“There are no words to thank you adequately for the joy and confidence you all gave to Maya. Thank you for believing in her to reach and try beyond anything she had ever dreamed before.”

– Mary Chambers

Sibling Inspiration

“Our older daughter has been with the Upstage theater program for the past six years. It’s incredible to watch her confidence and calmness on stage. Our Kindergartener followed right after her, and has been in the program for a year already. She, too, absolutely loves Upstage, and can’t seem to get enough. Their final productions are always a delight, and a testament to the efforts of the incredible staff. I highly recommend this program!”

– N.J.

Plan your Summer around Upstage Camp

Upstage has summer theatre camps on the Westside, South Pasadena, and Conejo Valley. This summer’s productions include: Madagascar Jr., Shrek Jr., Mary Poppins Jr., and Anything Goes. All-inclusive prices include a DVD of the performance, costumes, props, and a final cast dinner.

“Our daughter loves Upstage so much, we have to schedule our summer vacations around the camp schedule!”

– Kristin Maschka

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