Upstage Pods are specialized creative sessions for four to six kids and take place in the backyard of one of the families participating or in a local park as permitted. For example, a pod of six students could one time per week (or more) for an hour and a half. They may chose a show theme of a favorite musical or movie –  we can create a showcase based on just about any parent approved theme – or leave it to us to figure out with the kids! We can do pretty much any length, duration and theme.

Pricing is based on the specific structure of each pod. Below is sample pricing for a pod that is six weeks of classes for 1.5 hours each week for a total of 9 hours (again the cost per child varies depending on the number of children and length and duration of the class).

We are abiding by mask and social distancing recommendations of the CDC – all classes are held outside and all participants and teachers will be asked to wear masks and sanitize their hands upon arrival. You are welcome to let us know a teacher preference and we will do our best, but we cannot promise that a particular teacher will be available for the day, time and location that works for you. That being said, we have SO many great teachers on our staff, you really cannot go wrong!

The next step for us to figure out what works best based on your needs. Thanks so much – we are excited at the prospect of putting together a great experience for you all! If you are interested in creating a pod please text Julie now and she will be happy to help you 310-923-3040.