Student/Adult Contract

Adults: Please read this with your student and check the box that you both agree with and understand our Student/Adult Contract.


– I agree to attend class each week (except if I am ill, or was not present at school that day), be on time and understand that class time will be extended toward the end of the session to allow for more rehearsal time. 

– I agree to be present at all performances. 

– I agree to be kind, positive, and encouraging and to show respect to my cast mates and teachers at all times.

– I agree to actively build an atmosphere of trust and safety. 

– I agree to embrace the casting process and the role I receive.

– I agree to give my full attention and energy every week. 

– I agree to respect the memorization deadlines.

– I agree to respect our costume designer and their work.

– I agree to listen to my teachers and behave in the same manner that I am expected to during school with my regular teachers.


Thank you for your help making our classes and programs safe, fun, and memorable for everyone!